Expert legal translation of Spanish contracts, agreements, tender documents and more

I must confess one of the reasons I am interested in the law is a love of crime novels and police procedurals!

In addition to my general translation qualification, I also have a postgraduate diploma in legal translation (Spanish/English) from City University, London and I am currently studying with CILEX (chartered institute of legal executives) for their level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice.

Also, because a good legal translator needs to know the legal systems of both the source and target languages, I am taking an expert’s course in Spanish law with the University of Andalusia to further my knowledge of Spain’s legal system.

These are some of the types of documents I translate:
  • Coroner’s reports/autopsy documents
  • Birth/marriage/death certificates
  • Contracts (employment, purchase/sale, SLAs, etc)
  • Coroner’s reports
  • Divorce documents
  • Evidence documents
  • Forensic documents
  • Injury reports
  • Legal notices (T&Cs)
  • Police reports
  • Tender documents
  • Witness transcripts

If you have a legal document you would like translated, please feel free to contact me. I should point out that I do not translate insurance related documents or very technical financial documents as I have no specialist training in these areas.

Legal translations are often required at extremely challenging times in people’s lives. My expert subject knowledge, honed Spanish skills and professionalism ensure that these situations are not made any more distressing due to misinterpretations or costly errors.