Choosing a translator can be an incredible leap of faith. You want your document to be accurate, reflecting the original document, with nothing added and nothing taken away. It needs to be readable and fit for purpose.


Specialist translations for law and medicine.

My aim is to provide you with a workable, ready-to-use translation, delivered with a quality promise of being exactly what you need – whether translating reports, consent forms, case proceedings or certificates, I am confident that I have the knowledge you need to have your documents translated the way you need them.

So why should you trust me with your document?
  • I have been working as a translator for over 15 years and have worked successfully with many agencies and end clients meeting their deadlines every time.
  • I specialise in two main areas medicine and law. This is particularly useful where a text requires knowledge of both subjects, for instance a doctor’s contract or a report on an accident victim.
  • I am experienced in dealing with sensitive and confidential information so you may safely entrust these types of document to me.

By choosing to work with me rather than with a translation company, you will receive a more personal, tailor-made service, consistency in content, and a continuity of care. I will discuss the job with you to find out what it is you need and whether it is something I can do. I value your input. My job is not over once the document has been delivered. I am happy to go over any comments you may have. It is important to me that you receive the correct level of care from me.


I also take client confidentiality very seriously and abide by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting’s Code of Professional Conduct.

In addition, I also belong to two professional translation bodies here in the UK, the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. Both these bodies carry out rigorous reference checks and examinations prior to admission.

I only ever translate in English, my native language.